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Proudly & Passionately Evangelizing our Heritage

My earliest memories are my fondest memories. The hypnotizing play of a crackling fire on the mud and wattle walls of the kitchen, the boiling hiss of an earthen pot announcing dinner, the sweet smell of baked sweet potatoes buried between three stones which made for a stove, and the gentle voice of Mama Salome. “We have always been here,” she would say, “these beautiful lands are our lands.”

My life journey may have sent me thousands of miles away from the beautiful village of Kithirune in Central Imenti, but despite studying, traveling, living and working in East & Southern Africa and South East Asia, my grandmother’s words of passion never left me. Mount Kenya country is breathtakingly beautiful; it is full of mystery, history, culture and world class sights and sounds. 

In KiMeru we say “njooni bwoone” – come and see. Mount Kenya is a destination worthy of your bucket list, it is but a smile away and Discover Mount Kenya is the region’s premier marketing platform.

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